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"Our goal is to provide youth with a music experience that purposefully fosters the appreciation and value of mariachi and Mexican culture. We don't just teach music; we practice responsibility, teach commitment, inspire dedication, and embrace our passion and respect for our culture." 


-Program Director

 Isahar Mendez - Flores

Make a Donation!

Help us continue to serve our youth and community by making a monthly or one time contribution!
All donations are tax exempt.
Thank you in advance for your generous support.

Community Engagement 

Student participate in a variety of community events that allow cultural representation, community partnerships, and the opportunity for our students to give back.

Get involved! 

Supporters are a valuable asset to our students success. Our community of parents and volunteers work together to plan, and put together special events, fundraisers and workshops for our students. Join our community of music lovers and our mariachi family!  

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