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Now accepting new students!
Next Season Starts August 5th

- 16 weekly rehearsals 

- 2 weeks of additional concert rehearsals

- Additional workshop/masterclass throughout the year

- Opportunity to perform in various community events

- Participation in formal recital

Financial aid available!

Registration Now Open:

The classes we offer:

Level 1: Beginners  

Group classes are offered to all new participants between the age of 7 and 14 years old with no previous experience. These classes allow student to learn their instrument before entering a mariachi ensemble. The group lessons offered are for Violins, Trumpets, and Armonía (guitar, vihuela and guitarron). Students learn four major scales, instrument warm ups and techniques.

Level 2: Mariachi Corazon Juvenil

This is a beginners mariachi ensemble students with little to no experience in mariachi music or there instruments. For high school students or older, ages 13 and 23 years old. The young adult class is a beginner class for teens and young adults. It explores two to four classic mariachi pieces each season. Students learn to read music, explore their singing voices, learn  about mariachi history and create a practice routine.

Level 2: Mariachi Corazon Infantil

A beginners mariachi ensemble for student between 9 and 14 years old. The class works on a variety of basic musical skills and concepts. Skills include instrument/voice technique and performance practice. Musical concepts covered in this class include the basics to reading notes and rhythms and introducing a variety of musical elements. All this will be learned through the learning and rehearsing of 4-8 traditional mariachi pieces.

4th Annual Mariachi Night-29.jpg
Level 3: Mariachi Corazon Alegre

Intermediate mariachi enseble for students of any age.  The focus of this group will be to strengthen their music literacy skills through the exploration of a variety of mariachi styles and pieces. This class also serves as a preparation to audition and transition to the performance group. Students will be applying musical skills and concepts in 8-12 mariachi pieces. Participate contract and mandatory performances required.

Level 4: Mariachi Corazón de Oro

This is an audition based ensemble. Students in this group will work on a number of new mariachi pieces in a variety of styles and focus on performance skills. Throughout the semester students will build and develop a 12- 20 piece repertoire to be used to perform at a variety of public and private performances or “gigs”. Strick attendance, performance and participation is expected from this 12 person group. 

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